Monday morning snippets – goals and K-segg dreams edition

Tasmania is once again blessed with the presence of a Lightning Blue Saab 9-3 Viggen.
A few months ago, a young guy got in touch with me about Monte Carlos. He (James) and his girlfriend (Elle) were look at one in Sydney, which they subsequently bought. It seems that the Saab bug has caught on in Elle’s family as her younger brother has just bought a Viggen in Melbourne (yes, PT, that one) and brought it back to Tassie over the weekend.
Young guy, first car, Viggen – a potentially dangerous cocktail but I’m sure it’ll be one with a rewarding and happy ending. I’d love to see his insurance bill.
Speaking of new car purchases, my heartiest congratulations to Dan S on the purchase of a 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata.
Of course, this is not Saab related, but Dan did find his way to this site as he was looking at a Saab some time ago. He decided his passions lay elsewhere and started his own blog to follow them. It’s called Racing Ready.
Dan faced a bit of an uphill battle in the Autocross world given that he was driving a Nissan Maxima, but he set his goals and has just realised the first of them – the Miata purchase. It read to me as if just getting to this purchase point was a bit of an uphill battle in itself, so again, my congratulations on sticking to the plan and executing well.
One of those cross-country races for wealthy people, the Bullrun, has just started in Manhattan and there’s a Koenigsegg in the fleet.
Here’s a photo of the front of the car:
Can’t see it properly? Try this one:
Jalopnik have coverage for those who’d like to follow this Egg as it races around the country.
I mentioned a while ago that I’d cancelled my RSS feed for The Truth About Cars.
Not entirely true. There was one series there that I felt was interesting enough to warrant holding on, so I dump every article feed that comes through now, with the exception of this series.
It’s called Autobiography of BS, it’s written by a former VW marketing executive and it’s worth its weight in gold.
The Porsche Panamera may be a little funny looking from some angles, but it sure is quick.
Congratulations to Mark Webber on being the first Aussie in almost 30 years to win a Grand Prix.
And well done to the poms for holding out and denying Australia a victory in the first test of the Ashes series. Why Ponting insisted on giving Marcus North so many overs is something I’ll never understand.

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