More from Saab Days and the Midnight Sun Rally

It’s all happening this weekend in Sweden.
We’ve got the Midnight Sun rally going on as well as the Saab Days festival and some SU regulars are involved with both.
Midnight Sun Rally
First to the rally, where our mate Jörgen T is driving his Saab 96 and doing pretty well. He was in 4th place after 2 legs of the rally. One leg to go.
This is the field at the 2nd nightly stopover at Årjäng. As you can see, the weather is not being kind – not much midnight sun going on here…..
This is Jörgen with Elizabeth Nyström, who was an occasional co-driver with Pat Moss (who apparently, did not like green cars – consider yourself a little more educated now)
Jörgen also called into the Saab museum on day 1, and photographed what is apparently a new car to the museum, a replica of Per Eklund’s Saab 96 from 1973, a car in which he nearly killed himself in an accident in Jyväskylö, Finland.
Here’s hoping Jörgen has another great day on the final day of the rally. My thanks to him for keeping us updated and sending in some great photos.
Saab Days
The Saab Days celebrations are also on in Trollhattan and I’ve received some great photos from Martin F.
You can see more of these here. Thanks Martin!!
A nice Saab 99 in orange…..
And a cutaway Saab, very nicely photographed in the Saab museum….
The number of custom Saabs at these events, and the quality and degree of the work, is always jaw-dropping. We just don’t see Saabs like this outside Sweden.
Or this rather extreme Saab 93 from the 1950s…..
Another shot from the museum.
Another regular who’s at Saab Days is Dippen, and he’s shot some videos, which I’ve embedded after the jump.
Some people have trouble viewing video on this site. If that’s you, or if you’re using Internet Explorer, then click here to see Dippen’s videos.
If video’s OK for you, then click through to watch just a few of them.

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