More of that custom Saab 92

Martin F photographed this customised Saab 92 at the Saab Days gathering over the weekend.
Custom Saab 93
The car aroused a reasonable amount of interest in comments, and Martin has been kind enough to chip in a link to some more photos on Garaget (thanks!!)
Click to enlarge!
According to the Garaget page, the car has the original two cylinder, to-stroke engine and the original gearbox.
Of course, as you can see here it’s got a completely restored and customised exterior and interior. Those are 18-inch wheels you see there, though the car retains it’s original drum brakes.
The car was purchased less than a year ago, so if they’ve done all this restoration work in that time then it’s a job well done already.
It sounds like the owner might not be finished yet, too, with audio still to go in and the “Future Plans” section if the Garaget page simply saying Be ready.

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