Notes from 2010 Saab 9-5 testing – part 2

From a conversation over the weekend:

The new 9-5 is astonishing, I’ve never seen something like it in terms of comfort. It has a sporty feeling, but the awesome thing is the comfort. We did rough tests on the track and on open roads, on some very poor roads, and I’ve never seen a car like this. You could take a Mercedes CLS as a reference in terms of comfort, but in this comparison think of the Saab as being awesome. On those poor roads, the 9-5 moves incredibly well; it’s so stable and you can pass over big potholes with no problems. Again, compare it to Mercedes, the new E-class, which has an awesome suspension setup in terms of comfort…..well this 9-5 is state of art in this regard. We couldn’t believe what we saw.


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