Please help “Stu the Lens Genius”

It’s time to use your powers for good!
Stu the Lens Genius is a mate of mine here in Hobart and though it’s been a while, you’ve enjoyed much of his work in the past on Trollhattan Saab. I’ve included a small collection of his work below.
Stu has put his hand up for a photographic competition, which is an all-too-rare public display from the very humble man. If you feel so inclined, I’d like to ask for your assistance to help him get over the line and scoop a much deserved prize pool valued at around A$12,000.

  1. Click here
  2. Write Tekapo in the search box at the top
  3. The photos come up at random. Look for the photo below.
  4. Cast your vote!

Here’s the photo you’ll be looking for. Take care to pick the right one as there’s another one that’s similar. You may need to go through to a 2nd screen of images:
Of course, if you like the look of some others better, please feel free to vote that way too and only participate if you feel so inclined.
It’ll only take you a minute.
UPDATE – Our mate Steve B (or “SAB” as many of you would know him) also has some entries in the competition, so I’d encourage you to do a second search using “Bunton” and cast another vote!
Here’s some of the great shots Stu has blessed us with over the years at Trollhattan Saab:
Viggen triumph.jpg
297 Edit.jpg


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