Saab 9-3x – the future Saab you can order now!

When this photo popped up on my Flickr feed a few days ago, I got a little excited. It’s a Saab 9-3x and a beautiful Arctic White convertible and what’s significant, of course, is that it’s sitting out front of a dealership.
I think this one is a promotional vehicle that’s doing the rounds. It’s not on display for sale as far as I know.
The Saab 9-3x is due for wider distribution in Europe in late-ish August, so it shouldn’t be too long before you can see one at your local dealership for youself.
I contacted a dealer in England and he’s expecting the 9-3x to land in the showroom late August and says that Saab GB are slowly gearing up for a higher profile campaign. Things have been low-key due to uncertainty about Saab’s future, but with a deal just over the horizon, it’s getting closer.
The Saab 9-3x has it’s own section on the Saab GB website and recently, the car was showcased – literally – at Motorexpo.
Markus, the guy who provided the photo at the top wrote this to me a few days ago:

Hey Swade,
….after my trip to Sweden four weeks ago where we saw a lot of 9-3x’s, I got my hands on one today.
I can only say it’s an absolutely amazing car. It was a 9-3X XWD 2.0T Biopower. The ride is a little higher than the normal 9-3 not much but you can feel it. The suspension is absolutely great. The car rolls so quite and comfy. It’s all in all a very cool car.

Very encouraging indeed.
You can apparently order a Saab 9-3x in many European markets right now, though a test drive won’t be available until the cars are on the showroom floor.
It sounds like that won’t be too far away and with the Koenigsegg deal put to bed and the 9-5 hoopla in the background, hopefully people will soon get to see how good this car – that they can order right now – really is.

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