Saab 900CD for sale on Ebay

It wasn’t too long ago that a discussion came up in comments about the Saab 900 CD.
The 900 CD was the final stretched Saab, a line that began with the Saab 99 Finlandia in the mid 1970s. In that initial Finlandia model, the car was stretched by 25cm. By the time it became the Saab 900CD, it was stretched by only 20cm, with each of the front and back doors being 10cm larger.
This 900CD is for sale in Geelong, which is about an our or so southwest of Melbourne, here in Australia.
The interesting thing for me about this car is that I’ve only seen one Saab 900CD here in Tasmania. It was many years ago and the car was a black 4-door. The car that’s for sale on Ebay is just north of Tasmania, in Victoria, but the description says that the owner drove it up from Tasmania some time ago. Maybe it’s the same car?
It doen’t look to be in great condition, but at a starting bid of $750 it might present a unique opportunity for someone to get into a roomier Saab 900 limousine.
Here’s a few pics. You’ll note there’s plenty of room in the front as well as plenty of room in the back. That’s the extra 20cm for ya.
You might also note the different door cars on these.
Rear legroom is generous, despite the front seats being right back.
Thanks to Bill for spotting the sale!

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