Saab Ads – get yours here!

UPDATE – These ads are now available for immediate download at Elkparts.
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You might remember back when Saab started this whole reconstruction thing, they produced a number of print advertisements to begin to tell the story of their evolving independence.
One of your fellow readers, Steve C, contacted Saab’s advertising people and managed to get a full Hi-Res PDF file with all three ads included. He’s printed one on high-gloss paper at 27″ x 40″ and it looks magnificent.
This is the ad that I’m sure will be of most interest to people….click to enlarge (and the real thing is much better quality than this small version)
There’s also the ad with Erik Carlsson sitting by the side of the road, and one of a toddler on a Saab Playsam toy car.
Leave a comment on this post, using your real email address in the address field (it’s not shown to others) by this Friday, July 17th.
I’ll do a bulk email on Saturday 18th. The file is a PDF and it’s about 6MB in size.

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