Saab Ads – Get yours NOW at Elkparts!

I thought I’d better post this again. When I first offered these posters via email there were 300 requests for them and I figure some may have missed this post last week and wondered why they didn’t receive the email.
Here you go….
You can tell I’m not a businessman…..
If I’d thought this through properly I would have proposed this to John from Elkparts right from the get-go. As it happened, I didn’t think about it until I saw his name in the comments thread asking for a copy of the Saab Advert PDF that I posted about yesterday.
In a win-win-win situation for everybody, John has graciously agreed to host the Saab Advert PDFs so that you can now download them at your liesure and not have to worry about me stuffing up a complex bulk email.

  • You don’t have to wait until the weekend to get your copy.
  • I don’t have to worry about the time consuming task of preparing the bulk email – or the prospect of it getting messed up.
  • Whilst you’re there, you might want to peruse some scale models of the cars in the advert, or some of the other offers Elkparts has especially for SU readers.

Click here to get your Saab Advert PDF now, from Elkparts.
Saab Advert
John had offered some time ago to host podcasts for me if I’d chosen to go down that road, an offer that was declined with thanks because I couldn’t see myself having the time for a good quality podcast that would add much more in terms of value for you readers.
The response to the Saab Advert PDF article has been rather overwhelming. As I write this, there’s 300 requests for it. I’m sure there’s some automated software that could do the job of collating those addresses for me, but I don’t know what it is and right now the prospect of cutting and pasting 300 email addresses into a bulk email seems rather daunting………SO…
When I saw John’s request for a copy, I emailed him and asked if he wouldn’t mind hosting them on his servers so that people could download them at their leisure.
As mentioned above, the result is a win for everyone concerned.
My thanks to John for this generous time-saver of a gesture and to everyone, thanks for your interest in the adverts. I hope you enjoy them and pass them on to some other Saab friends of yours.
It’s a little bit of pay-it-forward, Saab style.
Click here to get your Saab Advert PDF now, from Elkparts.
My thanks once again to Steve C for passing them on to me, and also to Lowe Brindfors for passing them on to him in the first place.
Also, if you are concerned because you’ve provided an email address in comments to the previous entry on this subject, please have no fear.
As is normal SU policy, your email address has not been passed on to a third party and never will be. The only reason it was needed was for the reason stated in the original entry, so that I could email the PDF’s out to people.

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