Saab Disagrees T-Shirts

I thought I’d just give you a heads-up about these latest additions to the Saab Design T-Shirt Shop that Ivan and I run through the site.
These shirts are based on an old Saab promotional video. I think it was from the 1980s (I’ve lost the link) but it featured some great lines that were very independent minded and very Saabish.
We’ve chosen one of those lines for this particular T-Shirt design.

Conventional wisdom measures performance by the single dimension of speed. Saab disagrees.

It’s available in two formats, with the message all on the front, or the message split between the front and the back.
The shirt is only available through the US-based stores, which everyone can order from.
You can get it either pre-formatted in one our chosen design combinations, or you can go to the DIY store and set it up exactly as you want.
What are you waiting for??!

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