Saab-Koenigsegg theory

Karen has dug up a very interesting article studying one man’s view as to how the new Saab-Koenigsegg operation may look.
Our writer’s name is Turan Ahmed and he writes for an opreration called investment-auto-motives, based in the UK. I’m not sure of this guy’s credentials and I disagree with his reading on several fronts:

  • His opinon, whereby the Swedish government are helping to facilitate this union is one I haven’t encountered anywhere else.
  • His inclusion of FIAT as an original bidder with Renco and Merbanco is an error. Fiat are the government’s favourite, but did not lodge a bid, did not take ‘the tour’ and were only ever interested in Saab as part of a deal for Opel.

Reading such things gives me cause for caution with regard to the rest, BUT his thoughts on what Koenigsegg might look to do with their new acquisition (providing it all goes ahead) are at the least, quite interesting and he seems to speak the automotive language.
The full article is here and it’s a long read, but well worth the time.
Here’s a few of his thoughts on various areas of the K-Saab operation. There are plenty more at the link for you to have a think about, too.
They’re just theories, but somewhat enticing ones in some instances (and perhaps fanciful in others).

Business Strategy
This approach appears to indicate that Koenigsegg apparently wishes to raise profile by:

  1. Becoming ‘the’ prominent player of advanced engineering applied to volume production.
  2. Use its core competencies as the catalyst of metamorphosis at SAAB
  3. Use SAAB to access off-the-shelf, lower cost front-engined architectures (Epsilon 2 to broaden own product range – (vs Merc CLS, Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide, Tesla Bluestar/Whitestar, Fisker[Quantum] Karma) -and use Delta platform for smaller footprint vehicles.
  4. The creation of a fully fledged Engineering Consulting division for external client work
  5. Providing opportunity for Koenigsegg to access Opel-Magna given technical origins
  6. The opportunity for Koenigsegg’s eco-developed GM-SAAB platforms to be offered for contract manufacturing purposes to 3rd party ’21C’ car companies that focus on brand and outsource all manufacturing and build.

Product Strategy
To critically take-control of product planning and implementation using adapted Epsilon2 platform (9-5), adapted Delta platform (9-3), thus able to focus on high-value systems improvement (eg powertrain, drivetrain, chassis, electrical) since low-value capital intensive BIW (Body) system already in place.
The marriage of small and large operations that are respectively advanced and conventional offers a new spectrum of possibilities:

  1. The opportunity to leverage a supercar name for SAAB via cross-over branding ties.
  2. Thus create a new premium/performance division for SAAB similar to Mercedes AMG, BMW M-Sport, FIAT Abarth et al
  3. Possible 3 tier product orientations of: Base > Viggen (sport) / Griffen (lux) > Koenigsegg
  4. This would theoretically enable stretch beyond the current credibility constrained price ladder so reaching into BMW, Audi and Merc buyer territory.

Design Strategy

  1. To gain greater cross-range aesthetic cohesion which has been lost.
  2. Presently the SAAB styling cue palette is overlayed onto less than optimal body dimensions, proportions and forms).
  3. Maximise the opportunity to regain the conceptual purity of Sixten Sason’s design language sympathetic to aero and modernist functionality.
  4. (As re-layed by the reference-point created by the ‘Aero X’ concept).
  5. ‘this will be a prime element of SAAB’s rebound and so the upcoming vehicles (9-5, 9-3, 9-4X etc) together espouse a ‘clean cohesiveness’.

As mentioned, these are only a few of the thought threads on offer in this piece.
I think a few of them are a little unrealistic in the near to medium term, which is where thinking about K-Saab should probably be focused.
But it’s some interesting Saab-focused thinking that can get you feeling good about the prospects for the future if you let it.
Thanks again to Karen for the find.

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