Saab management speak – to AMS

Gunteman has provided a dot point summary here.
Those of us who’ve been wondering about the silence from Saab’s management over the last few months should take a little comfort from recent events – they have spoken.
Auto Motor and Sport cover It’s possibly just a little comfort though, as they’ve spoken in Swedish and their words are appearing in print only at this time, in the latest print edition of Auto Motor and Sport.
In the story, Auto Motor and Sport tap their readers to discuss what the future of Saab could and should be. The design language, the technology, the spirit – all of it.
They then sat down with various Saab people during the recent 9-5 photo shoot: Mats Fägerhag, Magnus Hansson, Simon Padian, Jan-Åke Jonsson and even Christian von Koenigsegg, among others. These Saab staffers looked over the reader comments and provided some thoughts of their own about Saab’s future direction.
I haven’t seen the story yet and it probably won’t appear online for some time, but the comments are apparently very interesting and say a lot as to where Saab are going in the near future.
The new issue of AMS hits the stands today, so go grab it and let us all know what the heck’s going on.
Click here for the tiny review, including what’s possible with this car.
Saab 9-1 sketch
Postscript – and yes, I’m envious. Freaking envious.
I would so much love to be in Sweden right now, getting stories like this and documenting this transitionary period in Saab’s history. Kudos to AMS for the concept and execution.
I feel about as useful as a poop chute in a space suit stuck here in Tasmania at the minute.

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