Saab motorhome restored to former glory

Can you imagine this coming down the road toward you?
We’ve seen some pretty strange modified Saabs over the years and we’ve even taken a good look around the Saabo caravan, but this is something even rarer than that Saabo.
I first saw one of these in pictures a few years ago but didn’t know much about it. Back in 2007 there was one parked on the side of the Kinekulle racetrack during the Saab Festival but I never took the time to go and have a closer look.
Now I wish I had.
This motorhome has just been restored by a group of Swedes. It’s referred to as a “92h” and is built completely on top of the running gear of a Saab 92.
This particular vehicle (if I’m reading the translation correctly) was abandoned as a vehicle and for a while was parked in the woods, being used as a cabin. A group of enthusiasts got hold of it and have now restored it back to prime condition.
The running gear is still completely original Saab 92 stuff but the entire body appears to have been replaced, but with original materials available at the time and using original methods.
They must have done a first class job fixing this baby up because the 92h passed its vehicle inspection and will be showing this coming weekend at a classic car show in Ramsele, which is where many of the restoration group live.
After that, the group will make their way to Trollhattan on the weekend of the 17th and 18th for the Saab Days celebration.
Thanks to Tim R for the story. The original article in Swedish (with a few more photos, too) is here.

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