Saab O The Weekend – Classic 900

I hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend.
After a few blog posts in the morning, I got out into the garage with the young fella and we fitted some new interior bits to the MX-5. A little bit of bling and some better steering feel go a long long way. I did some shopping with the Mrs, took in some art, made some dinner and am now sitting down to a good game of football.
A perfect winter’s day if you ask me. I hope your Saturday has been as nice.
To top my day off, I’ll share these photos. They were found this morning on my Flickr feed and as soon as I saw them I figured they were prime candidates for feature here on the site.
There’s just something incredibly special about the presence of the classic Saab 900, isn’t there?
I’m full of admiration for those who dedicate themselves to owning these cars and maintaining them in tip-top condition like this. It’s so important to Saab as a culture to have prime examples of these unique cars in people’s garages.
I just wish I was better at keeping one myself.
This car’s been on the site before. The owner calls himself Bennorz on Flickr and he’s got a wonderful portfolio of images there.

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