Saab Pride – 9-3 in PA style

Today’s Saab Pride entry comes from Ray L-S in Pennsylvania.
My car is a 2004 9-3 Aero 6spd with a custom intake/exhaust and a chassis brace. During the summer of 2007 I was shopping around for a new car, but after weeks of searching I all but gave up. On my way home from a run along some back roads I passed a used car dealer and something caught my eye. Not because it was flashy or screamed performance, but its subtle yet aggressive lines and stance grabbed me. I turned around and much to my surprise it was a SAAB! (old man car stigma).
I thought I was losing my mind, but the next day I took her out for a test drive and I was sold immediately. As soon as the salesman said go ahead and open her up a smooth surge of power from the turbo and surprisingly stable chassis kept a grin on my face the entire drive. That day I traded in my old car and bought my first (of many to come) SAAB.
The first photo was taken behind the Goggle Works in Reading, PA. The Goggle Works is an interactive arts center, which offers everything from carpentry and glass blowing, to dance and indy films. I chose this site because the industrial building with the crane coming out of the side creates a dramatic background without taking away from my car in the foreground.
Ray Saab 9-3.JPG
The second photo was taken at the entrance gate to the Charles Evans Cemetery in Reading, PA. This spot was chosen by randomly driving by the archway and thinking the old architecture (high ceiling and arches) would make my car pop out of the photo.
Ray Saab 9-3-2.JPG
I love my SAAB, but I must say the best aspect of owning a SAAB is the community that comes along with it. From simply going on forums to gathering at SAABs at Carlisle, you cannot find a better group of people with a common passion.

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