Saab Pride – 9000 Anniversary Style

Saab Pride The Saab Pride series is your chance to share the enjoyment you get from Saabs in general, and your Saab in particular. If you’ve got a story to tell (and some great photos to go with it) the shoot me an email with “Saab Pride” in the subject line.
Today’s Saab Pride entry comes to us from the UK. Laurens W owns this magnificent 1997 Saab 9000 CSE Anniversary.
I’ll let Laurens tell the story:

My love for Saab started when I was a kid, when my dad bought a 99, followed by a classic Saab 900.
My first Saab was a US-spec1978 900 GLE 5-door. I replaced the original grille-headlights with the Turbo version. In Holland I bought a 1989 9000i, followed in the UK by a 1997 Amethyst Violet mica 9000 CSE Anniversary 2.0t, which came to an untimely end. It originally had the black Anniversary interior but I had it swapped for the cream version.
Its replacement, shown here, is a 1997 Amethyst Violet Mica 9000 CSE Anniversary 2.3t automatic fitted with a full stainless steel exhaust.
Click any of the pictures to enlarge.
saab golden tree
These images were taken at Hinxton Hall. It’s part of the Wellcome Trust, one of the oldest medical funding charities in the world.
The modern architecture of some of the newest buildings on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus fits nicely with the progressive design of the Saab 9000 CSE. Although the design is about sixteen years old (and the central section even twenty-three years old!) it hasn’t dated much and is I think one of the best looking Saabs.
saab bus stop.jpg

My Saab on the semi-circular driveway of Hinxton Hall, the stately home on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus. A lovely contrast between the dark coloured example of modern technology executed in steel and plastic with the cream and red stone and brick old-world architecture.
saab hinxton hall 2
saab conference tower
This is my Saab seen through the sundial in front of Hinxton Hall. Very old-world technology versus new-world technology with some old-world architecture thrown in.
saab hinxton hall sun dial
saab lawn hinxton hall

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