Saab Pride – More New Mexico Style

Thumbnail image for Saab PrideThe last lot of Saab Pride photos I featured here at SU were taken at the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. Whilst those photos featured three cars, today it’s just one photo of one car.
But what a great shot!
Saab Pride is the section of the website where you get the tip the media balance in Saab’s favour and do some show and tell as to why your Saab’s so good and means so much to you and/or your family.
Today’s entry comes from Asher.

My dad started driving Saabs in 1991 with a used rose-quartz 900 Turbo and as a little kid I thought the car was the coolest (he bought the car after owning two Corvettes, but the Saab had much more character). From the bouncing lights on the equalizer to the heated seats, I always requested to ride in the SAAB.
This has now grown into a family fleet. My first car was a 1990 SPG and I now drive a 9-5 SportWagon. My dad has regressed, and now cruises in a 1973 Saab 96 as his daily driver 🙂
The full family fleet is as follows:

  • 1973 SAAB 96
  • 1990 900 SPG
  • 1991 900 SE Convertible — Yellow
  • 1995 900 SE Convertible
  • 1999 9-5 Sedan
  • 2001 9-5 Sport Wagon

This image is of our 9-5 sedan at White Sands National Park in New Mexico, right after we put on some new wheels. It was included in the SAABnet picture of the year contest in 2007.
It’s the 1999 9-5 2.3 LPT and belongs to my sister.
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Thanks to Asher!! You can view all the Saab Pride entries by clicking the Saab Pride button, at the bottom of the right sidebar.

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