Saab Pride – New Mexico Saab Double (Triple) Style

Saab Pride Road tests give readers a few stats and photos but when it comes real life, owning a Saab is the only way people will ever get to know how good and how much fun they really are to live with.
That’s why for a couple of years now I’ve been asking people to send in their Saab stories, along with a few very good photos as well. We call it Saab Pride.
Today’s entry is from David and Lisa, who have a couple of very nice Saabs, a good location and a story to tell.

Welcome to New Mexico, USA!
We, David & Lisa, decided to take advantage of one of our state’s natural and most unusual geological wonders, White Sands Monument and Missile Range to shoot pictures of our Saabs. White Sands Monument lies in the southeastern New Mexico at the northern end of the Chihuanhuan Desert surrounded by stark mountains. Pure, white, wave-like, gypsum sand dunes range 275 square miles of desert originally formed millions of years ago at the bottom of a shallow sea. Gypsum is rarely found as sand because it is water soluble but the lack of drainage and precipitation give the world this extraordinary place to enjoy. The monument only encompasses a small part of the dune area while the rest of it is restricted for military missile testing.
I started our adventure without David. I went down mid-afternoon to scope out the best places for pictures and to take the opportunity of the sunset and its colors against the silver of my 9-3 SportCombi. As you get deeper into the dunes, the whiter the sand, the less vegetation and more variety of dune shapes avail themselves for photo prospects.
Later that evening we attempted some night shots near the Alamogordo Airport.
We found out by accident that the road we were shooting on was attached to the county detention center. We had a scary moment when we noticed the bushes were answering back to us! We cut our photo session short.
The next morning we arrived later than planned by stayed several hours to catch the changes in the light.
When the sun was high overhead, it was time to have some fun in the sand with the cars.
In order to make the cars spin and burnout, you have to turn off the ESP (not advised by Saab). Lisa, being a first time Saab owner of only 3 months, required our help, (David & my friend, Michael) to show Lisa how to spin the car.
Both of us attended the Aero Academy driving school at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia and we had a fine time showing off our ability to spit up the sand.
The best part about visiting White Sands was its other worldly qualities. From the time we got there in the morning with the sun rising until it was burning down upon our heads, it was easy to lose perspective on where you are on the planet, or even question which one you are on. When standing on the tallest dune, the white sand stretches out for miles and miles confusing your sense of reality. The heat and extreme brightness brought our time to a close at this alien landscape with one last shot of the classic Saab “S” to send us home.
My thanks to David and Lisa, and if you want to see more photos from this series (bigger ones, too) then you should click here.

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