Saab records loss for 2008

A Googletrans from TTELA:

Saab Automobile had a big loss in 2008. The company’s operating income amounted to minus 4,148 million. This shows in the company’s annual report that came on Monday.
It is almost than double the loss from 2007, when Saab Automobile lost 2,194 million (SEK, not US$). In 2008 the company sold 93,220 cars, a decline of 31,866 cars compared with 2007, when the company sold 125,086 cars.

Now, is there anything unexpected here?
Saab’s line for a long time is that they needed to sell around 150,000 cars to break even. That figure could be less once they ditch GM’s funky accounting practices.
Plot these numbers on a graph and I think you’ll find that extending the trend line from 125,000 sales to 150,000 sales will bring the reading on the profit/loss axis to around zero – just as Saab has forecasted.
Nothing to see here except the need to press on and get moving.

Thanks to ctm in comments.

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