Saab Sonett heaven on Flickr

We have a super-big lottery on here in Australia tonight. If our numbers come up, I’m going to find this guy and make him an offer he can’t refuse.
I’ve always coveted the Saab Sonett III, maybe mostly because it’s so exotic to a Saabnut from Australia. We never got the Sonett III here and to my knowledge, there’s only one or two that have been privately imported. I’ve never driven one, but look forward to the opportunity some time in the future.
Michael Z has drawn my attention to this collection of Sonett III photos on Flickr – and it’s absolutely stunning.
Click any of the shots to enlarge (esp the engine) and click here to see the entire collection.
Congratulations to the owner on a superb example and to Chad Truss, the photographer, on some absolutely awesome shots.
This one is, of course, a little deceptive given that the Sonett is front-wheel-drive, but an excellent piece of composition nonetheless.
The interior is as neat as a pin. Aftermarket sunroof, or did these come as an option?
The engine’s been treated to some shiny treatment…. which seems to suit the V4 nicely.
Is it just me, or is the Saab Sonett a real life black sheep in the Saab family?
It’s like nothing else that ever existed in the range, which I guess is part of the fascination of the car for me.

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