Saab Sweden comments on those 2010 Saab 9-5 photos

It was a week ago today that I posted, then removed, then re-posted leaked CGI images of the 2010 Saab 9-5.
There’s been little comment from Saab Sweden about this. One quick message on Twitter was all that we got.
Today, Saab Sweden have finally provided some comment via their newsroom and I’m pleased to sat that their comment reflects exactly what I’ve observed in the week since.

We have to admit the pictures are impressive. Further we are delighted to see how eager people are to catch an early glimpse of the car. This said, Saab can assure you that the real all new 9-5 is even more stylish and dynamic than these images indicate and we are confident that, once officially revealed, Saab fans will not be disappointed.

There’s more at the Newsroom, but that really sums it up.
I’m sure they’d have preferred it if I hadn’t shown those images, but it’s played out pretty much as I thought and hoped.
We’ve had a glimpse of the 2010 Saab 9-5 without getting the full picture due to the fact that they were CGIs. The vast majority have liked what they saw and critically, the opinion has been really good amongst the fans and overwhelmingly positive amongst the press. Like it or not, the press are going to play a big role in selling this car.
No harm, no foul?
Not quite. But I hope Saab see that I weighed up the decision and made the choice to go with those images based on a belief that they wouldn’t compromise Saab’s cause.
The appetite for this vehicle has not waned in the slightest, and we’ve only seen a glimpse.

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