Saab USA sales data – June 2009

US sales figures are out and whilst it’s more of the same in terms of sales falls, it’s also a little different in some respects.
To the numbers first:
Saab 9-3: There were 503 units of the 9-3 sold in June 2009, which is a 66.5% fall on the 1,442 sold in the same month last year (based on sales days). There have been 3,180 vehicles sold this year, which is a 63.2% fall compared with the number of 9-3s sold in the first 6 months of last year (8,631).
Saab 9-5: There were 99 units of the 9-5 sold this June, compared with 266 last year (down -64.3%). There have been 671 units of the 9-5 sold so far this year, down 55.8% from the 1,518 sold in the first 6 months of last year.
Saab 9-7x: There were 177 units of the 9-7x sold in June, up from the 162 sold in the same month last year. There have been 1,535 units of the 9-7x sold this year, which is down 20% from the first 6 months of last year (1,916).
All models combined:
June Total: 779 sales. Down by 60% for the month (1,872 for all models in June 2008)
2009 Total: 5,386 sales, down 55.4% from Jan-Jun 2008 (12,068)
A couple of dot points

  • If you think that comparing sales with 2008 is scary, try comparing them with 2007, when the brand had 4,361 sales for the month.
  • Looking back, June 2008 was the first month when just about all brands had a significant fall in sales. The GFC was biting. GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota and Ford all had double digit losses for the month.
  • Whilst Saab sales were down this month, remember that they’re getting almost zero promotion in the US right now.
  • Also, I received an inside look at a GM Premium internal video and I can tell you that Saab actually made their internal sales target for the month.

Hang in there, Saab dealers.

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