Saabs gathering – Midnight Sun Rally

There are Saabs gathering all over the place in this northern Summer and tonight I’ll be bringing a few pictorials from these gatherings.
The first is a picture I just received in my inbox from Jörgen T, who organises the Saab Convertible Challenge in Sweden and whom I’m subsequently used to seeing in convertibles.
I’m not sure if he’s a passenger in this Saab 96 or accompanying it in the Porsche, but it seems he’s off to the Rally of the Midnight Sun event, which will coincide with the Saab Days celebration in Trollhattan this weekend. The competitors in the rally will have a stop/go at the Saab Museum on Friday night.
I sooooo wish I could be there. Have fun, Etienne!
Check the sponsorship on the door – way cool. IBM, Microsoft and Intel, eat your hearts out!
Have fun on the drive there, lads, and say hello to Trollhattan for me if you get the chance!

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