Saabs Gathering – Portugal

Another post – another record of Saab owners gathering together and sharing a good afternoon’s Saabing.
This meet actually took place a little while ago, back in May, in Portugal. They had around 25 cars and 50 people in attendance, which is apparently quite remarkable. Saabs are pretty expensive in Portugal, so there’s a real barrier to sales, meaning fewer second hand Saabs as well.
Te following images were sent in by José G, one of the co-founders of the Saab Club in Portugal.
An overview of the more moden Saabs in attendance….
This Saab 96 had been fully restored and apparently was quite magnificent.
This green one is still undergoing some work
This silver T16 brought a tear to my eye…..
Unfortunately, José had some problems on the 300km drive home. A stuffed head gasket that was recycled by the former owner of his car led to some dematerialising of the piston.
Well done to you Portugese Saabers on your efforts!

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