Saabs gathering – UK

This selection of Saabs got together at the Preston Bissett village fete in the UK. It wasn’t a Saab show of any type, rather it was more of a vintage car show. There were plenty of Saabs to be seen, though.
The show was held on the village cricket ground, so I assume there were some Australian cars on the sidelines waiting to run rings around those in attendance 🙂
The ground adjoins the home of one of Saab GB’s former employees, who’s now become the guru for all two-stroke owners in the UK.
A couple of Saab 93s in attendance, including one with suicide doors.
The interior of the green Saab 93. This two-stroke Saab is a possible entrant for the LeMans oldtimers event next year.
Saab 96 done up for competition.
A young whippersnapper Saab 99. This car belongs to Dave R, who sent the photos in to me. It’s a car I had the pleasure of driving in Sweden back in 2007.

A magnificent Saab 96 Souvenir Edition, which belongs to another couple I met in Sweden back in 2007, Mike and Hilary P.
And early Saab 96 with soccerball wheels
And yet another red Saab in competition trim.
No they weren’t selling cars for 50p. Just a little fundraiser. The eventual winner was a Daimler Dart.

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