Site statistics – June 2009

With the Koenigsegg announcement early and the 2010 Saab 9-5 CGIs late, do I really need to say it was a massive month?
I exceeded my monthly bandwidth allowance somewhere around the 19th or so and it was still very busy after that.
To the numbers:
There were 441,881 pages served to 60,051 individual viewers during June here at To put those numbers in perspective, here’s the summary from last month:

Saabs United – on its own – served up just over 289,000 page views in May. That’s up by around 85,000 over the previous month alone. Those pages were served up to 30,958 unique visitors, which once again was up significantly from the prior month (26,300).

June was around 50% busier in terms of pages served and those pages were served to nearly twice as many people as the month before. I fully expect July will bring us back to earth, but it’s been a great month both for Saab and for
The Top 10 cities were as follows:
As always, it’s time to say hello to a few special people….
Greeting to the people at Koenigsegg, who are once again viewing in greater numbers:
And hello to Augie Fabela’s mates in Russia…..
Mark Bishop’s family have been checking in to see what’s been written about him….
And finally, greetings to our Saab dealer friends in Riyadh.
Here’s to another big month in July – perhaps the final Koenigsegg announcement and some real photos of the 2010 Saab 9-5?
That’d be nice.

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