Small market Saab sales data – June 2009

UPDATED for Germany and Portugal

It’s time for all those other sales markets. Actually, we could probably classify all markets as “small markets” right now, but that’s by the by…..
If you’ve got sales data for your market, either email me or drop it into comments and I’ll add it to the front page here.
Germany used to be Saab’s 4th biggest market and they were nearly overtaken by Australia in June.
There were 118 Saabs sold in Germany in June 09.
Something’s got to happen here.
There’s been big supply problems in the Netherlands that are only starting to be resolved now with a new importer.
There were just 12 Saabs sold there in June.
Then there’s more sold in Portugal than in the Netherlands, then you know that something’s slighly awry.
There were 15 Saabs sold in Portugal in June, which was way up on the 5 sold the year before.
I’m quite amazed at how well Australia did in June. They’ve been selling just 40 cars a month for the last few months, but managed to sell 99 in June.
I’m not sure what they’ve had going on here in Oz, but whatever it was, it worked.
Unlike Oz, the Canadian market has gone from chocolates to boiled lollies. They’d been clearing them out in droves in the last few months, which may be part of the problem in June.
There were just 37 vehicles sold in Canada last month, down from 181 the year before.
Thanks to Zippy and Pierre!
There were just 21 Saabs sold in June in Finland.
In the first half of 2009 there have been 230 Saab sales compared with 881 in the first half of last year.
Thanks Tuomas!
awaiting your figures…….

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