Snaps from the Midnight Sun Rally

Once again, Jörgen T has sent in a few snaps from the Midnight Sun Rally, which is just getting underway in Sweden.
After rollicking around the surrounding forests, they’ll be taking a stop in Trollhattan Friday night as part of the rally, and as part of the Saab days celebrations.
He also left the following in comments:

First race day excellent. Lots of tuned 2 strokers and V4 Saabs.
The ambience and the social activities are great. Sat Next to Carl-Magnus Skogh – ex Saab works driver – now 84 years young. He told the most amazing stories. Like when he was trying to kill a 2 stroker engine on public roads…..
All of you who love Saabs must get out in the woods tomorrow or go to Trollhättan. It is going to be a blast. I will do My best to harness My 1850cc V4 montecarlo.

Some more pics with Jörgen’s comments.
The famous Saab driving brothers Skogh at the dinner. Carl Magnus is 84 years young.
Mäster Stig Blomquist after the first run tonight in his Ford. I wish he was in a Saab. There are at least 2 replicas of his 71 RAC car in the rally.

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