SOC09 features Saab auction – items online now!

The Saab Owners Convention 2009, being held at Copper Mountain in Colorado, will feature an auction of Saab cars, accessories and memorabilia.
A large number of the items are at online auction site, Proxibid, already and you can view them now and even place bids. The final auction will take place live during the SOC, on August 14th.
Looking over this list has left me carrying a just a little bit of regret that I purchased my MX-5, as there’s a couple of very desireable vintage Saabs there that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.
The cars for sale include a Sonett II, a Sonett III, a nice looking red SPG and an 850 Monte Carlo.
There are some videos of the cars for sale – two minutes each in length, that you can view via Youtube. Start here for the V4 Sonett II and you should be able to link up to the rest OK (can you tell I really like that V4????)
There’s some other bits and pieces for sale, too, including a Halda Speedpilot IV, some Talladega wheels and bits for older Saabs like V4 heads and a 95/96 dash pad.
If you’re interesting in buying me a V4 Sonnett II bidding for any of these items prior to the live auction in 4 weeks time, then Proxibid is the place you want to be.

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