Special offers from Saab Australia – 9-5 decor panel and Inca alloys

RE-POSTED for the benefit of any Aussies who missed it the first time.
As you may know, Saab Australia’s genuine parts and accessories division is now a sponsor here at Saabs United and from time to time, they’re passing on some great special deals on genuine Saab accessories and parts for your late model Saabs.
I just fitted the genuine Viggen shocks and springs to my 9-3 Monte Carlo and the difference they’ve made, along with the Hirsch ECU and steering rack clamp, is absolutely amazing.
Saab OZ have just informed me of another pair of limited offers and as SU readers, you’re getting the best exposure to them.
Saab Inca alloys
As you know, the wheels maketh the car and these genuine Saab alloy wheels look sensational on all current generation Saabs. They even looked the goods on Kaylan’s old Saab 9000 Aero (pre-toasting, and if you’re thinking of these for a 9000, then make sure you check the stud pattern).
These wheels are normally around A$2,000 for a set of four.
Saab Australia are doing a special offer on three (3) sets only – for $990 inc GST.
To take advantage of this special offer, contact the Accessories people at your local Saab dealer and ask them for the special deal on Saab Part number 32025941.
Saab 9-5 rear decor panel
This is a really quick way to pretty up the rear of your 1998-2001 model Saab 9-5. This rear decor panel takes about 30 minutes to fit and looks like a million dollars.
These are going out the door at $132, inc GST.
To take advantage of this offer, contact the Accessories people at your local Saab dealer and ask them for the special deal on Saab Part Number 400106233.
Actually, if you’ve got a 98-02 model Saab 9-5, these two offers could transform the look of your car in a day.
David at Saab is also going to send me a bag of wheel nut covers. He got the inspiration after seeing the Viggen wheel photo that Stu the Lens Genius took, featured earlier this morning.
Ordering part number 12771404 (for the five-stud pattern) gets you a bag of 20 covers as well as the special removal tool to get them off again when you need to.
All that for only $10.40 inc GST.
I’ll post some before and after shots when the covers arrive.
If you’re reading this from outside Australia and seething with jealousy, remember that our other site sponsors also carry some genuine Saab parts and accessories, as well as some top shelf aftermarket stuff, too.

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