Sunday Night Snippets – good weekend edition

I hope you’re all having a good, relaxing weekend.
We’ve actually had a really good week here, with two family members landing new jobs, one of them now at the very beginning of his career as an apprentice electrician. There’s an outside chance my wife might be getting her own solo art exhibition, too, a development with which she was quite chuffed.
I changed the oil and filters in the MX-5 today, which whilst being a small job, was very satisfying for a non-tech gimp like me. It really needed to be done, too.
And to top it all off, we now have a Swedish flag in our garden, a souvenir of our night out seeing a local production of Eurobeat – the musical on the weekend. It’s a parody of the Eurovision song contest and it was great!
Work tomorrow. Bleh.
A little more informtion on that Uno 001 vehicle spotted at the Saab Days celebrations has come to hand.
I got an email from Johan, who was at Saab Days and shot a couple of photos of the car (above). He’s also found a little bit of information from Wikipedia.

UNO 001 was the name of the only produced car from the planned UNO project to create a sports car made in Linköping. The project started in the late 1980s with a budget of 3 million SEK and the backing of several strong financial backers. They managed to produce the UNO 001, but then something went wrong. In the 2000s it was for sale for 30000 SEK and it as of 2009 undergoing restoration.
The car is made steel tube frame with body parts of steel sheets. According to a 1980s commercial it could be assembled in in two hours. Much of the parts used come from Saab, including the engine mounted in a mid engine configuration.

Thanks to Johan and also to those in comments who recognised the car and posted some information about it.
I love custom project like this. Always fascinating stuff. I’d love to get a drive in this one – one day.
The same Johan also shot me a link to his Myspace site.
Johan’s a designer by profession, though currently out of work due to the GFC. Hopefully he’ll be back on the wagon again soon, though, as he’s got some great skills there.
I really liked this one – the Koenigsegg speedboat.
I know Bard Eker’s got an interest in power boats. This seems like a natural extension of the Koenigsegg line of vehicles for the rich and infamous.
And finally, a nice little anecdote from Ted Y that came in via email….

I just had to share some good news. The fuel gauge on my 04 9-3 Arc just quit. I know, how can that be good news? Well, it gave me a reason to call my Classic Cadillac, Saab dealership in Mentor, Ohio. They were reported in the local paper to be shutting down (per GM orders I assume) as soon as their inventory runs down. Not sure if they were even still in business, I called and asked.
When I mentioned about them shutting down, he said “Oh, that’s just Cadillac were shutting down. We’re keeping Saab and staying in business.” Yahoo! Better yet though, I have the GM Major Guard Protection Plan on my Saab, and GM will foot the repair bill.
But it’s just great to hear that Caddy’s being shut down, and “the Saab” will live on!
Ted Y

If you’re confused by the reference to ‘The Saab’ then you need to click here.
Thanks for the story, Ted, and I hope that dealer gets rewarded tenfold.

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