Sunday Night Snippets – Rusty Ashes edition

Australia’s New Zealand’s own Russell Crowe has bought a Saab!
Well, almost. He’s helped one of the crew in the movie he’s filming buy a Saab, which is near enough, I suppose.

The Oscar winner handed sound recordist Denise Yarde £5000 ($10,200) to buy a new car after her old one burst into flames while she was driving from her London home to the movie set in Virginia Water, Surrey.
When she arrived on set she told co-workers, including the multi-millionaire star of the film, about her ordeal and said she would now have to find the money to buy a new car.
The Sunday Mirror newspaper reported that when Crowe made a joke about the car, Yarde shot back: “Well I suppose it’s OK for you Russell. You’ve probably never had to worry about finding five grand for a new car.”
A short time later, Crowe handed over a wad of cash, saying: “There you go. You can buy a £10,000 car now.”
A film insider told the newspaper that Yarde was overjoyed by the gesture and used the money to buy a top-of-the-range 2007 Saab.

The movie he’s filming is a new version of Robin Hood, so I suppose the natural question is who did he steal the money from before he handed it over?
Thanks to Damien C for the link!
Don’t forget Etienne’s Saab Days photos…..
The Ashes
I’ve got to say to our English friends, that here in Australia we are Not Happy with the umpiring at Lords.
It doesn’t excuse the 1st innings collapse we had, but to lose Ponting to a ball he didn’t hit in tht 1st innings, and then lose BOTH opening batsmen to poor decisions in the 2nd innings (Freddy bowled a no ball to get Katich and the umpires refused to refer the bounced catch that dismissed Hughes) is very disheartening.
It looks like we’re going to lose this test now. And with Bing Lee most likely still unavailable for the third test, question marks around Stuart Clark, Mitch Johnson feeling emotional and Mike Hussey looking like he’d struggle to hit a piñata, I think Australia’s going to struggle in this series.
I hope Ponting gives the umpires a very big serve at the end of play today.

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