The best Saab reading you’ll do all weekend.

I’m elevating this to the top of the site again for the benefit of those that didn’t check in over the weekend.
This really is essential reading.

I first got an email from Sam Knight of the Financial Times back on May 8:

I write for the Financial Times weekend magazine, where we undertake longer pieces of reporting, profiles etc, and I’m starting to put together a story about Saab. …… I am not planning to write a blow by blow account of what is happening to Saab, more an exploration of the brand, its history, and the grip that it has on people.

After that we talked on the phone and got him hooked up with some people in Trollhattan, where he visited some few weeks later, getting an A-list of interviews and some great access to Saab.
The end result of all Sam’s research has been published today in the Financial Times – and it’s absolutely superb.
I won’t give a single word away. Just sit down with a good cuppa and enjoy one young man’s exploration of the brand we know and love.
Thanks to Ted and Derek for the heads up.

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