The polar opposites of Stu the Lens Genius

OK, so this entry is a little silly.
However, I am simply slack-jawed when I see some of the photos that real, well-meaning people use to sell their automobiles.
I’m in the market for a Saab convertible. It will be a C900, but sometimes you have to pick through advertisements on and the like that have headings such as, “saab convertable runs great fun car” to find out what they are actually selling. (That was a real advertisement title used on a Chicagoland ad, complete with dubious spelling.) Thus, I also view many advertisements for newer models.
I have assembled a few of the worst pictures from my shopping to show you here.
Three things:
1. In each of these cases, the picture displayed was the only picture shown in the advertisement. This is what each individual truly thought would sell their car.
2. These snapshots (I can’t really call these photographs) are undoctored, unretouched, etc.
3. All have come from the advertisements viewed in the last week.
See them after the jump.

I’m consistently amazed that folks can’t seemingly look through a viewfinder or peer at a 2″ LCD and determine if the entire subject is in the picture before they snap the shot. Truly astounding.


I guess that last one isn’t so bad.

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