Thursday Snippets – F1 and around the web edition

What a morning!
BMW quits Formula 1 (ah, that’s where ctm’s quote came from) and Schumi makes a comeback for Ferrari due to Massa trying to plant a Liverpool kiss on a piece of debris during practice.
This is going to have the guys at Sniff Petrol going bananas, I’m sure.
Some have mentioned a possible tilt at F1 by Koenigsegg, but I don’t think there’s anywhere near enough money in the pot to have a crack at something so expensive at this point, if ever.
It’s probably best for them to concentrate on the fundamentals at the moment. You know, survival, building quality Saabs, etc.
And the big question is – do car companies get real value from their efforts in F1?
…..and still on motorsport, kind of…..
The next edition of the Forza Motorsport video game for the Xbox 360 will feature the 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X.
It’ll also add Spain’s Catalunya circuit as well as bringing back the Nurburgring. Other cars added for this new edition will be the Alfa Brera, which may or may not lead to an R rating due to automotive pr0n.
…..and still on motorsport…..
I’m hoping to have a kinda big announcement to make about a Saab in a motorsport event, and a Saabs United tie-in. Soon.
Jalopnik have another edition of “You’re doing it wrong”
Very good.
Texting whilst driving?
I can’t believe it’s still legal.
Saab should use their eye-monitoring software to build an extendable punching fist into the dash for anyone who’s picked up by the software as texting whilst driving.
Call it an active safety feature.
Sent in by Seth H
A visual history of Saab’s logo development, which I’m quite sure is also the subject of a story somewhere on the web, too.
I guess they can now add the wordmark to this diagram as a mark of the new Koenigsegg era.

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