Till has a Saab-ish kind of day…..

Till D is a regular here at SU. He lives in Germany and this afternoon he shot me an email about his day.
It brought a smile to his face (despite damage to his 9-5 Combi). It brought a smile to my face, too, and I thought I’d share it here and maybe it’ll bring a smile to your face, too.
Hi Swade,
I went to my dealer Andi yesterday, to get my 9-5SC fixed.
At SU so many are asking for a BMW basher – I’ve got one but now I need two new doors and lots of paint (see pic).
BMW basher.jpg
So I bought a copy of Auto Zeitung, took a look at the 9-5 article as we sat for a coffee. We really liked it though all of us were asking for a hatchback. Maybe because there is an article on the Audi A5 in Autozeitung…
……So I had a glimpse at the future of Saab.

We went out and I was waiting to get my replacement car for the next few days. Andi drove out of the garage with a big smile in a 9000i and I think my smile grew even bigger. I’ve included some pics. Sorry for the quality, I had only my iPhone. If I read it correct it’s registration date is 1990.
He told me that they got the 9000 and it’s in such a good shape (only 120k kms) that they decided to keep it for replacement. And (though I wouldn’t have thought it) most of his customers like to get it for a day or two if their car is in service for they had one years ago.
Same with me – I had a ’89 9000CD about eight years ago and though this one has no turbo and is rather a base model the feeling was back and reminded me why I fell in love with Saab.
I’ll have to thank my dealer for keeping a part of the Saab heritage and refreshing my memories…
So I had a reminder today of Saab’s history (as well as a glimpse of its future – SW).
Really a Saab day, even though I picked up my new Peugeot delivery car in the morning. By the way: it has something quite similar to a Sentronic… 😉
There really is something great about getting into an old Saab again after a while.
I especially like this generation of the 9000 as it’s the model I had my first Saab experiences with. If I had the space and the money for a Saab collection, the a 9000 Carlsson from this generation would be right near the top of the list.
Thanks for the reminder, Till!!

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