Tuesday night quick snippets – Rocky Raccoon edition

Our mate and former Saab Club president, Al Aero, visited Trollhattan yesterday and my goodness, isn’t the boy in Saab heaven???
Just a little from his email:

……we went over to the Saab Museum, WOW just WOW!!! ………We spent about a hour or so in the museum taking buckloads of shots and will probably go back tomorrow and explore the loch’s and surrounds. I saw many locations of where you blokes took some shots so i kinda feel like i know the place, very weird feeling and am really lamenting not coming in 2007!

The shots are here.
You really do have to try and get to Trollhattan if you possibly can. It’s a magical place, especially for a Saab fan.
The Saab Club of North America have written a letter of introduction to the Koenigsegg Group people.
If you’re a member of an affiliated club then you might want to have a look at an edited version to see what they’ve written on your behalf.
A good move, that. Here’s hoping there’s a response in due course.
Thanks Ian!
And finally, you might recall a recent story involving a raccoon and the front splitter of a Turbo X.
If you don’t recall, here’s a 1000 words to help you:
The Turbo X belongs to a guy named Sapan and he originally promised a little creativity in the repair process.
The finished product is an even more Darth Vader-like official vehicle of the Sith, with the titanium features at the front now covered in satin black.
Sapan did some Turbo X autocrossing recently too. Outside cam. Inside cam.
Thanks for the update, Sapan!

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