Tuesday Night Snippets – oops edition

I’m having trouble with some backend stuff here on the site and may have accidentally erased everyone’s user accounts. They’re still showing at the system level but not at the blog level.
This shouldn’t present a problem for anyone in terms of commenting. It may mean you need to complete the comments form as mere mortals do every time, but comments should still get through OK.
My apologies for any inconvenience, but there’s a few things – including potential security problems – that need to be sorted out back here.
Whilst we’re on user experiences, I had the ugly displeasure of banning one commenter yesterday, as well as erasing a few comments in the last few days.
Unfortunately, the erasure of selected comments may continue as users keep posting speculation as fact. It misleads readers and means a bucketload of cleanup work for me in trying to correct perceptions.
Please pay heed to the comments policy (left sidebar) and keep comments reasonable, in good taste and on point.
One member of Saabforum.nl recently purchased a beautiful classic 900 Lux from France. I’m not sure if we got the same specification here, but we did get the same color scheme and I’ve always loved this model.
It’s kinda funny, though….
Most of the forum visitors commented not so much on the car, but on the truck that brought the car home.
The old Scania does look kind of majestic, doesn’t it?
Thanks to Jacco for the link!
Saab posted a 2008 loss of around US$500m, which is not good, though largely inconsequential when GM’s doing the books.
It could be worse. This could be a Jaguar blog. They lost US$1.1billion.
At least they have Elle, though.
I recently featured a photochop of the Saab 9-3 by one of our Swedish design friends, Niklas Palm. I’ve been showing Niklas’ work here (and on TS) for a few years now. He’s a design student in Sweden and always has something interesting to look at.
It seems we’re not the only ones noticing his work, either. Check this out at WIRED.
Congratulations, Niklas!! If the new Saab needs some new faces in the design studio, I reckon they should give you a call.
And whilst we’re considering Niklas and his work, here’s another Saab 9-3 photochop he’s sent to me. He’s used the front end of the Saab 9-4x and intakes from the 9-X as inspiration for this one.
Saab-9-3_2011 copy.jpg
The 9-5 comprisons continue…..with steering wheels.
Similar, but not the same as counterparts from within GM:
steering wheels.jpg
And the 9-3 rear ends continue, with this one from Shayang – thanks!

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