Tuesday Nights Snippets – things you’ve got to see

I apologise for the lack of content today, but I’ve had several obstacles to posting pop up today.
The first was real life, as my real job is catching up with me at the moment and demanding a lot of time. The second is our migration to a new ISP at home, which has gone well thankyou very much.
Hopefully we can all get back to normal soon.
Welcome back, Eggs!!
I’ll take this opportunity to once again remind people of the comments policy at the site. Disagreeing with a post or a comment is fine, but trying to bring the writer down a peg or two just discourages people from contributing.
Respect is the key.
The Dude speak thus:
Today, XXXXX could respond with flexibly to high and lows in sales. “This flexibility can’t exist in a Giga-Corporation like YYYYY,” says Dudenhöffer. Moreover, the entire production at YYYYY is based on modular systems that are standardized and leave no space for individuality. And in this chain should now be incorporated XXXXX says the expert. “In the long run”, says Dudenhöffer “the success of XXXXX will be lost, and their income will fall.”
So who are X and Y?
Saab and GM?
No. But some would see the situation as kinda similar.
It’s Porsche and Volkswagen.
Thanks to Joan!
Now, something the car enthusiasts amongst you must see: a gallery of many of the cars – not just Saabs – that participated in the Midnight Sun rally last weekend.
It’s huge! Click the images below to enlarge and then view the entire gallery.
That last photo is of our mate Jorgen and his Saab 96.
I must email him straight after this to see how he finished up.
My thanks the Bengt for the gallery above, and the one below as well!
It seems the rain might have put a dampener on proceedings all last weekend in Trollhattan.
The Saab Days festival carried on, however, and it looks like a great collection of a cars and a good time being had by all.
Thanks to Bengt once again. I wish I could have been there as well to collect some stories. Actually, I just wish I was in Trollhattan, period.
If anyone knows some details about the car below, please fill us in via comments. It was at Saab Days so one would assume there’s a relationship there, but I’m struggling to see it at this point.
I’ve had a full weekend a few days with my Monte Carlo since I did the upgrades last week.
I’ve got to say it: this car is now incredibly pleasurable to drive. The power boost, the increased responsiveness, the increased stability with the improved suspension – it’s just absolutely brilliant.
I wish I’d done these upgrades before buying the MX-5. I don’t regret that purchase at all, but I’m sure I would’ve thought about it a bit longer. The Monte is that good now.
I had around a 40km commute to work this morning through along some beautiful country roads and it was a blast to drive.
To anyone contemplating a similar upgrade: it gets a big double thumbs-up from me.

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