Wednesday Night Snippets – Ashes to Ashes edition

The away trip with the dodgy internet connection continues….
The ruling Swedish government aren’t doing a whole lot to push the Saab-Koenigsegg deal at present, and report that the 22-member government ministry aren’t fond of Saabs on a personal level, either.
That goes for Volvos, too.
The Swedish Wire provides the news in English:

The Swedish government struggle to get the crisis-hit auto industry back on the road. But on a more personal level the commitment to support the local brands is somewhat shoddier.
Out of Sweden’s 22 cabinet ministers only three drives a Volvo or a Saab, business daily Dagens Industri writes.
Göran Hägglund, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, drives a Volvo V70 and Eskil Erlandsson, Minister for Agriculture, ownes a Volvo S80. Minister for Development Assistance Gunilla Carlsson is the only minister that drives a Saab.

Good to see a Carlsson in a Saab.
Al Aero’s Trollhattan adventure continues, with the following seen in the Saab factory carpark.
It’s a little bit modified compared to standard, but absolutely magnificent. My dream Saab!
The article by Ezra Dyer on GM’s sale of Saab, which I referred to via a scan a few days ago, is now online. It’s a satirical piece with Dyer writing from a self-depricating GM’s point of view.

While [Volvo] were rolling out a modern SUV and all-wheel-drive, turbocharged R models, I was busy killing Oldsmobile and wondering if a Saab grille would fit on a Chevy TrailBlazer. (You don’t even want to know about the badge-engineered Saabs that I didn’t build. Let’s just say that Pontiac Aztek tooling was available.)

Recommended reading.
Thanks Roger!
I didn’t know Koenigsegg had a previous tie-in with BSR, who make the excellent PPC tuning module that’s popular amongst Saab owners.
The Koenigsegg transaction does make me fear a little for Hirsch as Saab’s factory tuners, but then again Hirsch do offer a lot more than just tuning upgrades.
Thanks Martin!
The Ashes
All of you not from cricket playing nations, feel free to tune out now…..
I love test cricket. The 5-day game is the purest form of the sport and I curse the ADHD-afflicted munchkin who invented 20-20, which might just prove to be the demise of the gentleman’s game as we know it.
But for now, another Ashes series has begun. It’s lunch on day 1 as I write this and whilst I won’t post on the series again (probably), here’s just a few observations from the opening of the latest edition of one of the greatest rivalries in sport:

  • That funny looking Welshman singing the Welsh national anthem had a fine set of lungs!
  • Didn’t anyone tell the Welsh that cricket is traditionally played on an oval?
  • It feels pretty good to have three Englishmen back in the sheds by lunch.
  • Why are the commentators only referring to the 2005 series? It’s as if the 06/07 series never happened!
  • I believe former Saab mechanic, Matt the fudgepacker, is back in Wales on holiday. I hope you’re at the ground, Matt, and if so then I expect a streak!
  • Good luck to Ben Hilfenhaus, the second Tasmanian in the Aussie lineup for this test (and already rewarded with the first wicket of the match.)

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!!

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