Who’s going to SOC 2009 at Copper Mountain?

The 2009 Saab Owner’s Convention is almost upon us. Once again, despite a high desireability factor, I won’t be able to make the overseas trip to go, though I do hope to get to a SOC one of these years.
This year’s event is at Copper Mountain in Colorado from August 13-16 and the pictures at the Rocky Mountain Saab Club website make the surrounds look very appealing indeed.
I note that ‘Vilfred’ has just dropped the following in comments:

Saab USA, Saab Sweden, or possibly Koenigsegg will be present at Copper Mountain for this year’s 2009 North American Saab Owners Convention. A remarkable announcement will be made at the Saturday night Awards Banquet. Saab, or possibly Koenigsegg, will address the year’s biggest gathering of Saab enthusiasts to announce the Koenigsegg philosophy and the new direction of the “Road to Indpendence”, explaining future plans for Saab in the US.

It appears to be a cut and paste from an email message signed off by the SOC09 Chairman.
The fact that representatives from SaabUSA would be attending is not that unusual from my observers experience of recent SOC’s. Even some form of attendance from Sweden is not an unusual event.
The representation from Koenigsegg, if it materialises, would be a true bonus. The message doesn’t confirm that this will be the case, but I sure hope it happens for the benefit of attendees and the rest of us in the Saab community as well. It’d be great to hear them speaking directly to their clientele.
So…..who’s going?
And if you’re interested in going and haven’t checked it out or registered yet, the Rocky Mountain Saab Club website has all the info you need. There’s a great list of varied events going on this year and being a rare occasion where the SOC is held outside the N.E.U.S I’m sure the lineup of cars will be unique.

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