V-Cockpit app for iPhone gets run in Turbo X

We talked a little about iPhone apps last week and now here’s one in action.
It’s not Saab-specific, but there’s some definite Saab-linkage potential. The V-Cockpit app, as the name suggests, puts a little cockpit into your iPhone screen.
It uses the GPS, compass and accelerometers in the iPhone to move the instruments and control the sound effects. As you’ll see in the video, when it’s hooked up with the phone connection in your car and exporting the sound through the car’s speakers, the effect is quite something.
The video was shot by Jorgen Trued, our main main in the Saabs United Historic Rally Team.

The app is available from the usual Apple source, for a cost of around $2.
Cheap fun, and somehow very Saaby ๐Ÿ™‚

Saab nuts – Brace youself for the latest round of press complaints

Assuming Koenigsegg don’t pull a rabbit out of their hat and announce their funding sources to absoutely eerybody……
This week will see another slew of press reports in Sweden that attempt to put Saab to the sword for good. In fact, they’ve already begun.
The financial papers are reporting that Euro Finance, a company involved in debt factoring, will no longer purchase Saab invoices.
Debt factoring is the practice of buying debt at a discount so as to profit from it when you collect. In this instance, the company would be looking at buying debts from one of Saab’s suppliers. For example, Saab owes company X a sum of 10,000 and the debt factoring company will buy this debt for 6,000. They then make a profit when they collect the debt later on.
The supplier gets less money, but they get it up front. The debt factoring company takes on the risk of non-collection and makes a profit when it finally collects.
Euro Finance are now saying that they’re not confident enough in Saab’s future to buy Saab debt from suppliers. They don’t believe that Koenigsegg Group has the finance in place to complete the deal.
And that’s just another reason why Koenigsegg Group should come out and state what they’re doing to get this done. Confidence is a big part of market perception and right now the market has very little confidence.
This week sees a new month begin, which means we’ll have another round of sales data to contend with.
Saab’s sales figures are sure to be low once again. A lot of markets are actually running out of cars. Most dealers in the US (and many in other countries, too) cannot order 2010 vehicles. They are not allowed to.
The press, of course, will seize upon Saab’s sales figures another sign of their demise. Never mind that they haven’t been able to produce enough cars to sell more. A story’s a story.
Saab will plenty of good stories to tell in September with the Frankfurt Motor Show starting in 15 days from now.
But 15 days is a long time and without some good news to fill the vacuum, the sharks will keep circling.
Thanks to ctm and Jacco!

More 2010 Saab 9-5 photochopping – incl more Brown!!

Howdy all – the aliens have let me out to play for a few moments…..
How about some more 2010 Saab 9-5 photoshop fun?
Via Flickr, there’s an awesome coupe version (hit the link for the front-on view)
And Calendar Guy has had a shot at another brown Saab 9-5. Melts in the mouth, this one.
More brownies here and here.
It’s a new month starting tomorrow, so we’ll see a bit more of Calendar Guy’s work at that time….
And finally, Shayan does a little tweaking of his own, with a bit more presence on the nose, some blacking out of the roof and some headlamp accents.

2010 Saab 9-5 photochops – brown edition

I’m about to be abducted by aliens. Consequently, posting will be sporadic this week. I’m only allowed to post during breaks in their ‘activities’ – whatever that means. The things we do for interplanetary relations…..
Many thanks to Radulf for having a go at brownifying the 2010 Saab 9-5, though personally, I’m still thinking more in line with the Porsche cabriolet, below:
a href=”https://www.saabsunited.com/upload/images2009/08/brown_saab/browncar.jpg”>Brown Porsche
Here are Radulf’s brownies. Click to enlarge:

Saab 93B in classic rally

Congratulations to site sponsors, Mobil Forum, on their participation in the Sachsen Classic rally earlier this month, in a beautiful blue Saab 93B.
Tobias Kaboth, from Mobil Forum in Dresden, acted as co-pilot in this event, which took in drives to Zwickau, Freiberg, the Dresden City Festival, then to Zittau and the Czech Republic and back to Dresden.
The car is still Swedish registered and reportedly got through the rally with no problems at all.
Congratulations to the team at Mobil Forum in showing off this historic car as well as getting it through the event unscathed.
More historic motorsport, please!!

Brown Saab?

The more I see this…..
2010 Saab 9-5
…..the more I can’t help but wonder what it would look like in a rich, silvery, dark, velvety metallic brown chocolate color. OK, let’s call it brown.
Now, I know brown isn’t generally considered as color #1 for cars, but I was watching one of my favourite shows the other day and they had a very un-sophisticated looking brown on a Mercedes SL convertible, and there was just something about it.
When it’s done right, there’s something luxurious about a nice, rich brown color. Especially when combined with the right interior. I don’t think a solid, flat cocoa color is the one. I’m thinking of a something that looks sparkling and very indulgent.
Maybe a shade similar to this:
Imagine the 2010 9-5 in a similar color, with nice chrome highlights and a black interior. That sounds like a classy ride to me.
I went looking for both brown cars and brown Saabs as part of this post using Google Images and was surprised to see there was a Brown Car Blog. Postscript – And funnily enough, it’s run by a guy here in Oz, who I’ve come to know just a little through SU. He has a slightly deceased Saab 99EMS at the moment and one of his mates owns my old red Saab 99T.
The internet is a surprising (and small) place sometimes…..
The brown Saabs, only a few of which I’d truly call ‘pretty’ when speaking of the color:
StevesSaab 002.jpg


From Flickr
The sun’s out today (unlike yesterday) so I’m going to try roadside advertising for the MX-5. There’s a spot not far from our place where people park cars for sale on the side of the road. It’s worked for us once in the past, so we’ll so how it goes this time.
The internet ad has yielded only one call so far. Not good.

Saturday Night Snippets

How’s the weekend going?
I still have to get to the Q&A #3 questions, which I’ll hopefully do tomorrow. I’ll give advance notice now that there’s a few there that I can’t answer.
If I’m reading my translation correctly, then it seems Saab’s factory in Trollhattan is a chance of winning a lead production award for 2009. The story is over at TTELA.
The award is for efficiency and minimal wastage in production, and it reads as if Saab are one of three finalists for the award.
I wonder how the Swedish press and Industry Ministry will put their negative spin on that one (if they win it).
If you don’t know about them already, this is a must-bookmark site for owners of older Saabs (incl 95/95, 99, 90 and C900) though they sell bits for newer Saabs as well.
Skandix are a company who sell a lot of the harder-to-find bits for older Saabs. You can choose your model and download a PDF dogalogue here.
Many thanks to Drew B for the heads up! I’ve downloaded the 99 version already ๐Ÿ™‚
The 7 stages of grieving Saab model introduction – by Jon

  1. Excitement of waiting to see spyshots of New Car.
  2. Fingers crossed its a remake of the [insert favourite old Saab model here].
  3. Horror as it slowly dawns on us that there is no hatch. GM screwed us again.
  4. Sheer rage that our own impossible demands for the perfect SAAB have not been met. Compose angry entry to SU.
  5. Model Launch. Turns out some of us actually LIKE it.
  6. Mid-life face lift. Whay did they do that? We liked it as it was.
  7. Car replaced, now has national treasue status. The replacement starts the cycle over again…

That’s pretty darn accurate, actually….
More fodder for those who believe Subaru are shaping as being the modern day Saab.

The litany of changes to the Subaru Legacy and Outback for the 2010 model year have helped them earn the Institute for Highway Safety’s coveted Top Pick accolade. The award means the cars scored “Good” (the best result) in front, side, and rear crash tests and have standard stability control.
All Subarus now bear the IIHS award. The Subaru Impreza, Forester, and Tribeca are also Top Safety Picks, making Subaru the only carmaker to have its full line honored by the IIHS.

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