2010 Saab 9-5 to show online on August 27

The countdown clock is for real.
Saab Sweden
I made some enquiries via email and received the following in reply earlier today:

The countdown clock is working. On the 27th August there will be a wave of official 9-5 information from PR and Marketing.

Good news.
Of course, there will still be the task of seeing the car in the metal at Frankfurt. It’s one thing to see it on screen and hear/read some stats on it. It’s another thing all together to see the proportions for oneself, sit in the chairs and smell the leather.
Those of you who get to do so – reports and impressions will be mandatory.
Until then, there’s 5 days and 20 or so hours to go…..
And also, I should add that I really like this idea. It’s Saab getting on the front foot and scheduling their own information rather than sticking to the old-world schedules. This has been discussed here at SU several times and it’s good to see it happening.
It’s their news. They should control it.

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