7 days with the Saabs United Historic Rally Team

Saabs United Historic Rally Team I hope you’ve been checking in on the efforts of the Saabs United Historic Rally Team. You can check the website directly or load the RSS feed into your feed reader.
There hasn’t actually been 7 days with the team as far as the website’s concerned yet as the site was launched only 6 days ago. Nevertheless, I’ll be taking the opportunity to summarise events each week here to keep everyone up to speed.
So – the first week for the Saabs United Historic Rally Team……
Jörgen had a chat with retired Saab designer, Björn Envall, about the paint schemes of the Saaab rally teams in the 1970s.
We bought three car(casses) to build our competition vehicle(s) – Car 1, Car 2 and Car 3.
Of course, we also had the official launch of the SUHRT website!
Whilst picking up Car #3 in Obrero, Jörgen and Bo called in on 2009 Midnight Sun Rally winner and Saab legend, Stig Blomqvist.
We also welcomed Saab tuning company Maptun as sponsors and partners in the team.
Jörgen and Bo got busy on Car #1, removing the engine from the vehicle on the hottest day of the year.
They then turned their attention to the cleanest car of the lot, Car #3, and dismantled that one, too.
To blow off some steam after all this work, Jörgen took his Turbo X to Mantorp Park and a track day hosted by the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden – some great video there.
I’m not sure that next week will be as busy, but it’s sure off to a great start.
Remember, if you’re part of a company that could support this fun and significant tilt at the Midnight Sun rally in 2010, please contact us.
For now, we’d like to thank our current sponsors:

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