99Turbo – happy happy joy joy

Sourced on the weekend thanks to Drew B.
Sale agreed today.
Will pick it up some time late September.
IMGP1857 small.jpg
IMGP1859 small.jpg
IMGP1863 small.jpg
I’m sure that this would make some sort of interesting Saabological study subject. What it boils down to, after trying a few different things, is that I’m a Saab guy and I just love this model Saab. Getting an opportunity to re-discover that is a wonderful thing.
There’s a LOT of work to do here. Just getting it down to Tassie will be a task in itself, but I can’t wait to get started.
Any of you Aussies want to buy an MX-5? Just 84,000kms, hardtop, air and steer. Let me know!
Seller’s identity withheld at his request, so Aussie Saabers who know the seller, please respect his anonymity. Cheers.

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