A brief piece from “Saab 7 Dagar” on design

Saab 7 Dagar is Saab’s internal bulletin for employees in Sweden.
A July issue included the following piece on Saab Design, which is coming home to Trollhattan as part of Saab’s reconstruction.
Djup Strupe scanned and translated the article and thought it might be of interest to readers, an act for which the mysterious one receives my thanks, once again.
Anders Söderqvist, responsible for business & design at Saab Automobile takes on the job task at home front after working for four years at the design office in Russelheim and has traveled between design groups both in Sweden and in Germany.
Saab7dagar.jpg – It has been an exciting period to work with design in a international perspective, but it is in Scandinavia where our roots are and it is here where our design inspiration comes from says Anders Söderqvist.
So what can be more obvious than to continue to work with that starting point when it comes to create a attractive visual expression for future car models. The new 9-5 does have a strong Swedish influence and has largly been designed from Sweden, especially the interior.
On 1 July 2009, all design works will be located at Designcentret in Trollhattan.
-We have huge experience within this field with many of our talented coworkers that have been with us for a long time and that i think are happy to give the Saab cars an even stronger identity. A good design is of crucial importance for successful business. Says Anders Söderqvist.
Simon Padian, Brand Design Chief at Saab Automobile has a strong feeling for the Swedish design language.
– Now we have the chance to develop a even more clearer “Saab-design language” which for me stands for a progressive look and with a strong identity rooted in a long tradition and Scandinavian design philosophy.

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