Aussie Saabers at the dyno

Some of the Victorian members of the Saab Car Club of Australia took their Saabs down to a local automotive college last weekend. They dynometer was available and it seems they put it to very good use!
That’s a few of the ‘sleds’ waiting their turn before going for a roll.
Steve B provides the following:
The guys running the day were really impressed with the numbers put down for our Saabs – they didn’t expect the numbers we ran at all!
We had 9 cars run on the dyno, including two infiltrators: a 1990 Bentley Turbo R and a VW Polo GTI that was chipped.
The dyno was a DynoDynamics unit, so apparently the results will read a little lower than what they would on a dynojet, dynomite dyno, mustang dyno (these three are the ones that are used the most in the US).
All the cars put down some great numbers, with the overall winner being James’ 1997 9000 Aero beast with 283.6 kW (380 whp)! Amazing sled! I was pleasantly surprised with the numbers my Nordic beast put down, too, being the 2nd best on the day!
The results were as follows in order of highest output (best run wheel kW and corrected crank kW output shown):
James’ 1997 9000 Aero T5 Suite Stage 6 (or something like that)
Best at the wheels: 283.6 kW (380 whp)
Corrected crank: 334kW (448 bhp)
Sab’s 2002 9-3 Aero with custom Nordic tune
Best at the wheels: 173.9 kW (233 whp)
Corrected crank: 206.2 kW (276 bhp)
9-3 TurboX
Best at the wheels: 160.5 kW (215 whp)
Corrected crank: 195.3 kW (262 bhp) (although this should read higher as an AWD would have more drivetrain loss)
AlAero’s 2001 9-3 Aero
Best at the wheels: 157.7 kW (211 whp)
Corrected crank: 187 KW (250 bhp)
Roman’s 9-5 Aero (Stock)
Best at the wheels: 150.0 kW (201 whp)
Corrected crank: 178.7 kW (240 bhp)
Peter’s 9000 CS Abbott Tuned
Best at the wheels: 142.5 kW (191 whp)
1996 900 V6 Convertible
Best at the wheels: 106.4 kW (143 whp)
And the two infiltrators:
Troy’s 1990 Bentley Turbo R
Best at the wheels: 148.2 kW (199 whp)
Corrected crank: 183.5 kW (246 bhp)
Callans VW Polo GTi
Best at the wheels: 119.3 kW (160 whp)
More pics (including dyno readouts) here.

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