Christian von Koenigsegg on the Koenigsegg-Saab deal

Earlier this evening, Saab uploaded three videos to one of its news distribution companies. There was one video each of Jan-Ake Jonsson and Christian von Koenigsegg, and there was one edit featuring the both of them (as shown earlier via GM Europe TV).
An hour after it first appeared, the CvK video was removed from the site. I did get to watch it once, but I can’t recall if it had any more content than what was edited for the video combined with JAJ.
Perhaps it will be reinstated some time in the near future.
Until then, the following is a text transcript of Christian von Koenigsegg’s comments in the combined video as featured on GM Europe TV.
CvKvideo.jpg Man with extremely smooth voice: This deal with Saab and General Motors is now going ahead. Why has it taken so long?
Christian von Koenigsegg: Actually, from our perspective we think we’ve moved quite fast. It was only about 8 or 9 weeks ago [that] we started getting into the process of looking at all the details of Saab. Now we have reached so far [to the point of signing] a SPA, a share purchase agreement, of which we’re very proud and happy to have reached this point.
We have great plans for the future of Saab and we’ll do our utmost to build an exciting, strong company and of course that’s good for the Saab employees as well.
MWESV: When people hear the name Koenigsegg they think of an extremely small manufacturer of high performance supercars and it’s a bit of a puzzle to understand how such a small company can take on Saab. How are you going to organise it?
CvK: We get that question a lot…..It’s actually not Koenigsegg, the supercar manufacturer who is buying Saab. It’s a company called Koenigsegg Group, where I personally, and the supercar manufacturer is a part of. But we consist of a group of entrepreneurs – Swedish, Norwegian, American – of course it’s a Swedish company but it’s an international base behind it. Within that group we have the strength and energy, and know-how and will to get this job done.
MWESV: Saab is a company that evokes a great deal of passion around the world. There’s a great deal of expectation hanging on your shoulders. What actually attracts you and your fellow investors to Saab?
CvK: It’s a very unique brand and it’s got a great heritage….. Sweden has the greatest number of innovations, per capita, in the world, and that has been seen through Saab’s history. You can see that with their products. We want to reinvigorate that, make it unique, Swedish, innovative, environmentally friendly and of course, fun to drive.
MWESV: So the deal is struck, but you know, of course, that the key for any car company is product – new product. So what new cars are we going to see from ‘new Saab’?
CvK: Well the first one coming out is already in the pipeline – it’s the new 9-5 – which I’ve personally driven and tested over the summer and I think it’s a great car. It’s very important for Saab’s future. Then we have the 9-3x which has just been launched, which is also a good compliment ….then we have a few other cars coming out in the near future which are in the pipeline, so to speak, I can’t get into too many details right now, but, we have a lot of new products coming.
MWESV: And there is the money on the table to make it all happen? A lot of people have been wondering about that, too.
CvK: Absolutely. money is an important factor and we’ve been working together with the Swedish government, GM and within our group to secure finance for Saab, and we’re well on our way, and it’s close enough for us to sign the SPA and [now] we have the next important step in front of us during the next months to get the whole deal done.
It is a huge challenge but it’s a rewarding challenge and we’re very confident that we’ll make this work.

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