Comments policy in action

Last night’s entries, quite naturally, attracted a lot of traffic in comments. When that happens, there’s a chance that people can forget this site’s comments policy. Such a thing happened whilst I was asleep, and the comments from that conversation have been removed.
I’d like to remind people that descriptions of individuals that seriously call into question a particular individual’s character are not welcome and will be removed. We can all reconise and accept a joke, but this was not the case in this instance. The descriptor used for a respected member of Saab’s workforce was a descriptor that should never be used in a glib for less than serious manner.
For the record, the individual who began that particular discussion is someone I’ve had contact with in the past and is some who I respect and is welcome here. I believe he showed poor judgement in his choice of words on this occasion and copped his right whack from others.
The conversation is now removed and considered to be over.
Another comment series that I had to deal with involved a torrent of negtive comments from one individual.
Again, as per the comments policy, expressing a negative opinion about something is fine. I only stepped in after four or five negative comments about the same issue were made by this person.
You don’t like something? Fine. Make your point and leave it at that.
Comments are closed on this entry.
My thanks to everyone for what was largely a good discussion of a good time in Saab’s history.

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