Design help required – Saab Spares

RE-POSTED as Drew needs your help!
Many of will know of our resident Tassie SaabNut, Drew B. Drew has always got a few Saab projects on the go.
Right now he’s getting acquainted with a V6 Saab 900 and has a surprisingly positive opinion of the V6 powerplant (and it’s not the first time I’ve heard that). He’s also helping me out with the hardtop on my MX-5 as there were a few chips in the paintwork. I’d have some photos of his latest work if my camera’s compact flash card hadn’t nuked itself.
Anyway, Drew has collected a few cars from various sources and he’s parting them out quite regularly to various private and business customers. The V6 is now going to become a rolling advertisement for ‘Saab Spares’ and if you’ve got some design skills, he’d like YOUR help.

I need to have someone design some simple but eye-catching Saab Spares advertising to fit along the sides/bonnet/rear of my Ruby Red metallic 900S V6. The rough specification is as as follows:

  • must have the name ‘Saab Spares’ and the mobile number 0408 033 441 clearly visible from a distance;
  • be in the Saab Font;
  • preferably one colour;
  • preferably limited to painted areas of the body, not straddling across windows; and
  • eyecatching but not overstated, as is the Saab ethos.

I’m hoping to get a design that I can get cut and applied locally, at reasonable cost.
In return, I’d be willing to reward someone with a gift voucher or similar from Elkparts for their efforts.

This is the car when Drew first got it.
It doesn’t look anything like that now. He’s straightened the whole thing out with a new hood from one of his spares cars, a new radiator panel, etc. The whole front end looks as good as new and will make a great rolling advert for his little spares business.
I just wish I still had the photos I took on the weekend!
Here’s the color in three-door body, and below that is the five-door body that Drew’s got.
If you can help, whip up your Saab Spares design and shoot it off to me via email and I’ll make sure Drew gets it in quick time. We’ll show the finished result here at Saabs United when it’s done.

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